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Task / Aufgabe / Compito


You will be divided into 4 groups (one group for each discussion topic).

The groups are the following:

GROUP 1. Is free time the most important thing in life? How do young people enjoy themselves? What does it mean 'to enjoy oneself'? The top-chart: the (10) best things in young people's life. What place do you think free time and amusement have int this chart? Compare your experiences. // Ist Spaß das Wichtigste im Leben? Wie haben Jugendliche Spaß? Was heißt wirklich Spaß? Die Topliste: die (10) besten Dinge im Leben eines Jugendlichen. Welche Rolle spielt Spaß dabei? Erfahrungen im Vergleich.

GROUP 2. Smoking, drugs, pills, alcohol: what is their role in our life? What do we know about them? What's their role in a healthy life? Compare your experiences // Rauchen, Drogen, Pillen, Alkohol: inwieweit haben wir damit zu tun? Welche Rolle spielen sie beim "gesund leben"? Erfahrungen im Vergleich.

GROUP 3. Young people and violence. Violence in language, in daily life, at school, in sport. How is violence among young people in some way or the other widespread? Why? Compare your experiences // Jugendliche und Gewalt: Gewalt in der Sprache, im Alltag, in der Schule, im Sport. Inwieweit ist das bei Jugendlichen verbreitet? Wozu? Erfahrungen im Vergleich.

GROUP 4. Friendship and love. What's friendship? What's love? What kind of difficulties do we have to meet in friendship and love? Is there friendship in love? // Freundschaft und Liebe. Was ist Freundschaft? Was ist Liebe? Welche Schwierigkeiten bereiten sie uns? Gibt es Freundschaft in der Liebe?

In each group tasks will have to be divided:

There will be 6 Italian students and 6 German students in each group. Each group will have:

1 Italian and 1 German responsible for keeping in touch with the other members of the same group in the partner country (keeps constantly in touch, has to send the work which has been carried out, so as to share it with the partners and let them read, add or change things) - This person should have easy access to the Internet from home!

1 Italian and 1 German coordinator (has to check the work, give tasks, verify if each member has carried out his part of work and in due time..)

1 Italian and 1 German student responsible for the document quality (is in charge of saving files, build up archives, save images, write texts and give them a Word format of quality)

1 Italian and 1 German responsible for the group diary (writes what the group members have done in each lesson, who did what, job done each week...)

1 Italian and 1 German translation expert - has to use online dictionaries or paper dictionaries to translate into German / English

1 Italian and 1 German responsible for Internet surfing (keeps memory of the websites viewed and used, in order to make references and notes in the final text - if you copy parts of texts from a website, this student will have to make a note of the source the paragraph is based on).

In groups of 5 the latter task will be carried out by the diary responsible.


In ciascun gruppo sarà necessario dividere le responsabilità e i compiti:

Ogni gruppo avrà 6 alunni italiani e 6 alunni tedeschi. Ci dovrà essere in ciascun gruppo:

1 responsabile italiano e 1 tedesco dei contatti con i partner del gruppo nell'altro Paese (tiene un contatto costante, si occupa di inviare il lavoro svolto per condividerlo e farlo modificare o integrare dai partner)

1 coordinatore della ricerca italiano e 1 tedesco (fa il punto della situazione, dà incarichi, verifica l'efficacia del lavoro e il rispetto dei tempi)

1 responsabile italiano e 1 tedesco della qualità del documento (è responsabile dell'archiviazione dei files, salva le immagini, digita, sistema e impagina i testi)

1 responsabile italiano e 1 tedesco del diario di bordo (segna lezione per lezione lo stato di avanzamento dei lavori, cosa è stato fatto settimana per settimana)

1 addetto alla traduzione con dizionari cartacei o online nelle lingue tedesco/inglese

1 addetto speciale alla navigazione italiano e 1 tedesco (tiene memoria dei siti visitati e dei brani eventualmente stralciati per poter fare le note e i riferimenti nel testo)

In gruppi da cinque quest'ultimo compito può essere svolto dal responsabile del diario.


Webquest realizzato per la piattaforma e-learning della classe II A dell'I.T.C. "E. Bolisani" di Villafranca a cura di Sara Costa


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